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Strategic Investment Management for Your Personal Goals

There’s a lot riding on your portfolio. That's why you need investment management services that provide systematic strategies tailored to your specific goals and needs.

What’s at risk

You Can’t Build and Protect Your Wealth by Chasing the Investment “Flavor of the Month”

Markets change in a hurry, so without an investment plan you could miss valuable opportunities to build and preserve wealth. What's more, you risk missing out on your long-term financial goals, like living your ideal retirement. Face it: Your portfolio’s too important to make major investment mistakes, such as:


Too much risk


High investment fees


Unsatisfactory returns


Unrealized financial goals

Growth & preservation

Build a Portfolio for What’s Most Important to You

Our investment management services are designed to build and manage your portfolio to help grow and protect your wealth. We’ll provide investment strategies that reflect your long-term financial goals and tolerance for risk, with daily monitoring and periodic rebalancing to help keep you on track.

Free Consultation

A managed portfolio built for you

Our investment team can help build and manage a portfolio that balances maximizing returns and mitigating risk based on your goals.


Ongoing investment advice and monitoring

As markets move and your life changes, we'll continually monitor the investments in your portfolio, making necessary adjustments to keep them aligned with your strategy and goals. 


One transparent fee

You have access to the benefits of both financial planning and investment management services for one competitive advisory fee.

All about you

Investment Advice Focused on Your Best Interests

You don’t need hot stock tips or the latest market trend. You need what makes sense for you. As an independent firm, we select and recommend investments based on unbiased research, striving to give you the best options for your specific goals and plan. And as a fiduciary, we manage your assets while acting solely in your best interest.

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3 Step Process

How we build your ideal financial life together

Frequently asked questions

Partnering with an Advance Capital Management Financial Adviser

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Keep in mind: It costs you nothing to sit down and have an initial conversation.

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Start Building Your Ideal Financial Life

Advance Capital Management helps people like you work toward financial independence by providing personalized financial and investment services. You know where you want to go. Contact us for a free financial plan to help you get there.