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Why Choose Us?

Managing your finances should be about doing what you love most – not reviewing spreadsheets. With Advance Capital Management, all your planning and investing needs are met so you can make the most of your money and time.

What Sets Us Apart

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As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we are a fiduciary. That means we are obligated by law to act and make recommendations that are always in your best interests.

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From taxes and investing to college and retirement, we help you in all stages of your financial life. Consider us your one-stop shop for financial peace of mind.

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Our size and structure allow us to provide personalized service and diverse investment access to every client. As an employee-owned company, you can be certain we’re committed to your success.

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Low cost, fee-only

We work to provide the best investment value at the lowest cost to meet your needs. Unlike some advisers, we offer both financial planning and investment management for one competitive advisory fee.

What You Get by Partnering with Advance Capital Management

Personalized wealth management is about more than just planning and strategy – it’s about choosing the right financial partner. To create the financial life you want most, you need a lifelong partnership dedicated to working toward your goals.

Your Own Dedicated Adviser

With us, you will partner with only one financial adviser. That’s someone who understands your needs, who keeps you informed and who works side-by-side with you every step toward your goals.

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You’re In Control

As a client, you can feel empowered to work with us on your terms. That includes choosing whether to meet with your dedicated adviser in-person or remotely and how often you wish to communicate.

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You Only Pay Us When You Invest with Us

We believe everyone deserves good financial advice. So, as a client, we will work with you -- even for years – without charging a fee until you're ready and able to invest your assets with us.

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Your Portfolio Is Managed by an In-House Investment Team

Our in-house investment team follows an evidence-based investing approach to design a portfolio to pursue your specific needs and goals, with the flexibility to actively make any necessary adjustments.


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Start Building Your Ideal Financial Life

Advance Capital Management helps people like you work toward financial independence by providing personalized financial and investment services. You know where you want to go. Contact us for a free financial plan to help you get there.