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RMD Rules Explained

The end of the year is not only the holiday season, it’s RMD season. It is the time of year to make sure you have taken your full RMDs by December 31.

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Cybersecurity Webinar Replay

Cybersecurity Webinar with Jeff Lanza



How to Survive a Market Downturn Whitepaper

Stay on track toward your financial goals during times of market turbulence.

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Why a Safe Withdrawal Rate Should be Flexible

Your withdrawal rate in retirement is something you control. You can use it as a crucial lever to avoid outliving your money.

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Will or Living Trust: Which Is Best for You?

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3 Reasons Why Market Timing Leads You Off Course

While the S&P 500 had a 13.5% return in 2014, the median investor earned just 4.2%. Learn why…

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Is a Roth or Traditional IRA Better?

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Overcome the Fear of Talking About Money – and Plan Your Future

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Financial Help When Losing a Loved One

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Spring Client Meetings

Register now to attend one of our annual Spring Client Meetings. Hear the latest updates on the market and other financial-related current events.

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Cybersecurity Webinar with Jeff Lanza

Cybersecurity Webinar Replay

A former FBI agent explains how to stop criminals from stealing your identity.


AT&T 401(k) Plan

A few important things to consider regarding contributions to the AT&T 401(k) plan.



Economic & Market Review: Q4 2015

Greg Mackenzie and Sean McDonnell discuss the current market conditions and how they may affect investors.

AT&T Corporate Rate Changes for 2016

AT&T Corporate Rate Changes for 2016

The new 3.68% corporate rate will lower lump sum pension payouts for AT&T employees in 2016.


The 4 Essential Traits of Financially Successful People

The 4 Essential Traits of Financially Successful People

We’ll take you through the common traits of successful Americans to show you that being wealthy isn’t about lavish spending but making smart financial decisions to live the life you’ve always wanted.

AT&T Healthcare Changes 2015

Choosing Health Coverage Through AT&T’s Medicare Exchange

Information to help select a Medicare plan.




2015 Fall Client Meeting

2015 Fall Client Meeting

A recorded version of our annual Fall Client Meeting presentation.


Economic & Market Review Q3 2015

Economic & Market Review: Q3 2015

Chris Kostiz and Jeff Lido discuss the current market conditions and how they may affect investors.

2015-05-12 19.03 Social Security - Myths Vs. Facts

Uncover the Facts Behind Social Security Myths

Get the truth as we debunk myths about delaying your Social Security benefits. Learn how you can maximize your retirement income sources to help meet your retirement needs.

AT T Retiree Healthcare  Changes for 2015-HD

Future Shock: Retirees and Medicare

Learn more about the changes taking place with ATT’s overhaul of the retiree healthcare plans in 2015 that will affect retirees and their dependents who are Medicare eligible.


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Financial Living, Q4 2015

Topics include: Market Insights; Lump Sum Pension Buyout Offer Rules; and Cybersecurity Tips.

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Financial Living, Q3 2015

Topics include: Market Insights; Two Big Fat Greek Investment Lessons; Tips for Teaching Children About Money; Fall Client Meetings.

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Financial Living, Q2 2015

Topics include: Market Insights; A New Look for Advance Capital; On Happiness in Retirement; Rules of Working and Receiving Social Security.

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